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Personality at Work gives you the best tools for screening candidates so you can make better, faster, and more informed hiring decisions.

The Challenge

People have become so good at playing “the interview game,” that it’s almost impossible to use the process as a predictor of job success as interviews become less authentic.

We all know that whatever reasons are given, the main reason new hires don’t make it is personality fit, that’s why a staggering 50% of new hires don’t work out. We’ve all experienced this for ourselves “the perfect candidate” doesn’t cut it, because they weren’t ‘perfect’ in the first place, (who is) and they don’t get on with their colleagues.

So, how can we assess ‘fit,’ and personality, how do we even know which questions to ask, when people can Google the best answers and “ace the interview?” Right here.

Personality tests online
Personality tests online

The Solution

Invite each interview candidate to take this 5 minute, proven and approved personality test.

As the interviewer you’ll have a full personality profile and all the techniques to ask the right interview questions and focus on the right areas for the role, taking the guesswork out of the recruitment process.

And it’s a brilliant candidate experience too!

The Process

Congratulation, you have decided to hire a new team member

Step 1

Define your position

Step 2

Invite your candidates to take part in the test. Each candidate will receive an email with a unique link to follow.

Step 3

The candidates will complete a secure online 36 question test.

Step 4

Once completed candidates will receive their personality profiles.

Step 5

The system will notify you via email that the test has been completed and is available to view.

Step 6

Log in and view each candidate's in-depth profile. Download a unique interview pack for each candidate.

Each Interview Pack includes

Candidate Profile

For each candidate that goes through the process, you will get a full, in-depth personality profile outlining all dimensions of their personality.

Bespoke Interview Pack

The system automatically provides a set of candidate-specific questions so that you can key in on the essential issues, and without them having been able to practice!

Interview Techniques

Part of the package is an in-depth teaching pack on modern, professional interview techniques from open and closed questions, to drill in and trigger questions.

Statistical Analysis of the Profile

To help your understanding of the candidate at an even deeper level, the system provides a full analysis of their personality profile, with the raw data.

Candidate Personal Profile

Each candidate you put through the system will also receive an immediate, electronic version of their profile, thus enhancing your employer brand, and impressing candidates.

Integration Profile

To get your chosen hire up to speed quickly there’s an in-depth profile on how to best integrate, manage, motivate that individual together with their contributions to the team.


Some of the businesses that trust Personality at Work to get their hiring decisions spot on.

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Personality questionnaire
Profile and feedback for the interviewee
Candidate Interview pack
Candidate Integration Profile
Statistical Analysis of Profile
$15 Per Candidate
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$ 150 /MON
Unlimited Positions
13 Candidate tests per month
Personality questionnaire per candidate
Interview pack per candidate
Integration Profile per candidate
$12 Per Additional Candidate
Unused credits roll over
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Unlimited candidates
Own branding
Custom URL
Granular user permissions
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